i am my ancestors’ wildest dreams: contemporary cultures of black impossibility

The Second Princeton African American Studies Graduate Conference

Call for Proposals must be received by June 1, 2018

Conference takes place October 18-20, 2018

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

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Self-portrait by Nell Painter

The Black impossible is at once about continuing to live and resist in the face of the debilitating policies of modernity (impossible to do, but nevertheless done), yet also about the seeming impossibility of ever just living. It draws together modes of cultural responses to the ethos of life and living in the face of practices of discipline and death.

How has contemporary Black culture responded to, resisted, and existed in the face of this tension? What do we make of the visual, sonic, material, and digital cultures (to name a few) of the now? How do the realities of culture manifest themselves through and as political behavior? How do we turn to cultural productions as sites of life and living? How do we define the impossible?

The second biannual conference of the African American Studies Department at Princeton University will explore the contemporary cultures of the Black impossible.

This conference seeks to bring together intellectuals, artists, and organizers working across many different disciplines, mediums, and movements that speak to the cultures and the impossibility of Black life in the U.S. and abroad.​

On October 19th, Amanda Seales will perform her comedy show, Smart, Funny and Black. Ticket information will be announced soon!